Tropical Trouble

For the 5th edition of Belgium’s furry convention, our team would love to invite you to our island of happiness and surprises at the Bedford Hotel & Congress Center in Brussels.

Being stranded on an island is not what is going to end the party. Let's grab our flipflops and the bottles that washed ashore and let's dance like there were no tomorrow.

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9th-13th November, 2022


Party hard at the dance where the DJs will be playing a nice selection of music. Whether you like House, Hardcore, Drum and bass, Dubstep, Techno or something else, our DJs have a beat to everybody's liking!



Flüüfff hosts a number of panels every year, like the tea panel! Join this informative and practical panel to learn more about this amazing drink we all love.

In addition to the tea panel, we are looking for you! You can host your own panel at Flüüfff, be it about something you like, or something you know a lot about. You can suggest a panel or a meet through the panel proposal form!

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Show night

What would a party on a dream island be without a show night? Flüüfff hosts this special night filled with entertaining acts and performances made by, and for attendees. Are you ready to show your talent in singing, dancing or just making jokes on the big Flüüfff stage?

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Welcome to Flüüfff

It’s a Belgian furry convention, located in Brussels! A furry convention is an event dedicated to anthropomorphic characters and a gathering place for all furries and their friends.

Flüüfff is spread over 5 days, the 9th of November to the 13th of November 2022. The convention takes place in the Bedford hotel.

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